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She Is Nadirah

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Her Reason Why

Coach Emmani Nadirah has been helping women for years in so many different ways whether it has been as a special education teacher; a women's high school and college basketball coach; a mental health and life coach; and a mentor for young adults at church. She created "She Is Nadirah" to help bring all types of women together to use their story as their testimony and to impact the next generation of women.

Coach Emmani Nadirah has used her mental health journey to not only help herself heal, but to help women not have to go through the pain and suffering she had to go through. She has used her mental health to build her resilience; improve her physical and emotional health; and improve her relationship with herself, family, friends, and especially God. Now, she is here to help more women do the same through her new programs "Building Resilience" and "Her Mind's Made Up" along with other services she provides.


Trust Me, I Get The Struggle

Do you feel like you're behind in life in your early twenties? Do you feel like you keep praying to God, but you keep getting the same results? Do you ever feel frustrated because you feel like your gifts are being wasted or you don't know what to do with them?

Emmani Nadirah understands the weight and frustration of feeling like you're wasting your gifts God has blessed you with on the wrong things. She had been frustrated for years until she changed the way she prayed and started being honest with herself and God. 

If you feel like you need to change the way you pray and change your mindset, so you can start being content in all areas in your life, then book your free consult with Coach Emmani Nadirah today.


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She Is Nadirah

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